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I am Counselling Psychotherapist working in South West and West London. I provide counselling and psychotherapy for adults individuals and group therapy for organisations. I offer therapy for long-term or short-term. My main practice is very short walking distance from West Brompton and Earl’s Court Station. Also practice rooms can be arranged in Ealing, Hanwell and Greenford.

Life is full of difficulties: emotionally, psychologically, socially and as well as physically. Sometimes it is hard to think about what we have gone through in our lives and even when we think about it, it is hard to talk about it.

You may feel you are bothering people with your issues. Or that it is your own personal dilemma and it is hard or uncomfortable to trust sharing with others. For whatever reason as human beings we keep a lot of emotional turmoil internally, which certainly has an impact on our everyday lives.

All the difficulties we keep inside that feel like they will never go away. Moreover these difficulties might manifest in our thinking, our behaviour and our interaction with others.

As humans we all face challenges and we need somebody to talk to in a confidential manner over certain matters or any problems, that are usually very hard to solve by yourself.

You could be a father that his children taken away or been prohibited to see them, for whatever reason. You could be a mother who is in similar position. You could be abandoned as child and never understand how that has impacted to your adult life. You could be suffering as result of being brought up by unfit parents or grew up in a broken home or institution and as adult you are finding it hard to enter a sustainable relationship. You could be living in a violent relationship and finding hard to get out. You could be having issues with your sexual identity. You could hav fled from a war zone, you suffered there or were maltreated, you could have lost your loved ones, sentimental things, homeland, mother tongue and never had a chance to say goodbye or process your thoughts about these losses and feelings. You could be an expatriate and moved for a mission to new country and finding it hard to adjust or relate to new settings. You could be a foreign student in new country and finding hard to make meaning or connect your new country and settings. You could be a diplomat and moved to work in foreign country for the first time and suffering from losses, cultural shock and adjustment disorder. All those issues and many more life difficulties, could cause anxiety, depression, stress, isolation, low-self-esteem, adjustment disorder, sleeping disorder, addiction, anger problems etc, etc.

Could counseling be the solution for you?