All the sessions are confidential. We would meet regularly for approximately 50 minutes. The usual arrangement is weekly, for either fixed term period or an open-ended basis.


Sessions take place at:

Rickett Street London SW6 1RU

2 minutes walk from West Bromptom Train Station and

5 minutes walk from Earl’s Court Train Station.

I also have an alternative arrangement of therapy rooms in Ealing and Hammersmith it depends the number of client and preferred certain locations



Individuals – £40-£50 per hour depending on location and weekend arrangements.

Couples – £50 per hour

Running groups for communities and organisations – £120 per 1.5 hours

Supervision for trainee counsellors – £30 per hour

Supervision for qualified counsellors – £40 per hour

Group of three trainee counsellors – £75 per 1.5 hours

Group of three qualified counsellors – £90 per 1.5 hours