What Is It?

What is counselling or psychotherapy?

“Psychotherapy” and “counseling” are terms that are often used interchangeably. Although they are very similar, there are some subtle differences as well.  In the context of mental and emotional health, “counseling” is generally used to denote a relatively brief treatment that is focused most upon behavior. It often targets a particular symptom or problematic situation and offers suggestions and advice for dealing with it.


Counselling offers the client an opportunity to explore their issues, thoughts and feelings.  In your space you will get a sense of being deeply understood, people can resolve conflicts that prevent them from fulfilling or enjoying life.  Counselling constructs optimal environment in which people can develop emotionally, socially and psychologically. They can prosper and can become secure and happier.


As humans at one point or another we feel overwhelmed by life situations, which can leave us feeling helpless, hopeless and alone.  One might feel that there is no way out but with right support and guidance you can recuperate and control of your life.


Counselling can help issues like:

·      Feelings of general anxiety

·      depression

·      being undesirable to others

·      Inability to form and sustain gratifying relationships

·      Life events such as the loss of a loved one

·      Low-self-esteem

·      Anger, regrets and guiltiness


“Psychotherapy” on the other hand is generally a longer-term treatment, which focuses more on gaining insight into deep-seated physical and emotional problems. It is to focus on the client’s thought processes and way of being in the world rather than specific problems.  In psychotherapy, the clients are encouraged to reflect on matters uppermost.  Feelings, thoughts, memories and dreams can be explored within the relationship between therapist and clients.  The client will be helped to think and understand their unconscious processes, which affect their ways of living, their everyday thoughts, their relationship with others and their behaviour.   The aim of the work is psychotherapy would bring a greater degree of self-understanding, which enables the clients to find better ways of solving problems or coping with difficulties.


Psychotherapy can help issues like:

·      Feelings o anxiety, an inability to cope and concentration issues.

·      Feelings of depression, sadness and emptiness

·      Feelings of failure and underachievement, lack of confidence

·      Destructive relationships, difficulties sustaining relationships

·      Bereavement, losses and divorce

·      Chronic physical symptoms.

·      Behavior disorder and Eating disorder,